Small stature at home

Always build a good figure

The vehicle is equipped with a fitness stand

Indoor fitness exercise

Immersive fitness experience

  • One car for two purposes

    Outdoor cycling

    Indoor fitness

  • Long Range

    Dual mode kinetic energy conversion

    Pedal cycling charging

  • storage space

    Multipurpose storage basket

    Magnesium alloy integration

  • Integrated vehicle design

    Riding is more comfortable

  • National certification for registration

    Complies with the new national standard

    National 3C certification

  • High end materials

    Aviation grade magnesium alloy materia

6 core technologies support | Start a new life of intelligent cycling

Ergonomic streamlined integrated design

Integrated body magnesium alloy

Die casting molding creates a lightweight body with high flexibility

  • Mid mounted air suspension system

  • Brushless Motor

  • International standard imported lithium batteries

    intelligent battery management system

  • Realizing the regulation of any cycling gear

    Fitness mode

    Adjustable pedal resistance for 1-4 gears

    Pedal cycling mode

    Speed: 0-25 yards

    Leisure cycling mode

    Sports cycling mode

    Fitness cycling mode

    Fat burning cycling mode

    Speed: 0-25 yards

  • international standard
    Imported lithium batteries

    Strong mobility | Travel is more reassuring

    Add battery protection board module,

    Maximize safety performance。

    intelligent battery management system

    Intelligent management and maintenance of various battery units

    Prevent overcharging and discharging of the battery

    Extend the service life of the battery and monitor its status.

  • High speed and high-power motor
    Full climbing power

    High speed PMSM motor

    It can also operate efficiently while cycling at low speeds

    Stable torque output performance

    Lower operating noise

    Easily cope with special road conditions

    top speed


  • Safe, practical, and aesthetically pleasing

    ①The frame can be used separately as
    Use of push up brackets

    ②It can be placed on the frame as
    Fitness and dynamic cycling use


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